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arts4peace Festival

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
November 14-24, 2019

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Unsung Heroes

The Unsung Heroes Project aimed to identify people from around the country who have dedicated their time to reviving, preserving, and developing the arts. We wish to express our gratitude for the work that they have done. We worked with nine local researchers, who traveled to every province to identify and interview artists and cultural practitioners. For the past 6 months, they have met and interviewed people who have dedicated their lives to the arts. During the festival we featured stories from 25 of the Unsung Heroes that we discovered on that journey. This exhibition was created by TAN Vatey and Sinta WIBOWO.

PIN Phon

Province: Kratie
Birth Year: 1955
Skill: Writer and Community Art Leader

“I think there is nobody who would say they don't want peace. Art plays an essential role in shaping people's understandings and perceptions of peace. Art can be used for enmity, or for friendship. Art can serve various agendas, it depends on the stories told and how they are created and interpreted by their authors and directors. I have won awards for my stories "Mango Showers'' and "The Wedding Song''. I still remember that my teacher CHHENG Phon used to organize an annual gathering in Phnom Penh, a kind of contest for artists. Those who knew Yike, performed Yike, those who knew Bassac, performed Bassac. There was no conflict, despite having artists from all different kinds of traditions. I think that is the point of knowing and understanding each other. In another way, this kind of gathering allowed us know artists from different areas and enabled us to grow stronger bonds. I still remember the skill of my teacher.”

Researcher: KONG Gne

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